Recovery Stories

Paul Garner

I loved my job, had good friends, and felt as high as a kite on life. Then I got covid-19, and nothing prepared me for what happened next. As the illness developed, I felt so unwell I thought I was dying. The roller-coaster that followed lasted


Sarah Rainwater

Hello! I cured myself from Covid Long-Haul syndrome, but the story starts 11 years ago. Let me tell you my story… 11 years ago I had debilitating migraines, and basically a constant headache all day long every day. I remember



I got sick in March 2020. I was exhausted and couldn't do anything but lie down. I went to see the doctor because


Rachel Whitfield

I had long Covid. I have fully recovered. It may seem like a miracle as I went from being barely able to walk to the end of my street to running my usual 5k running route and 10 mile cycling route in the space of a week.



I am writing this to those of you who are ill and have lost hope that you will get well again. I write because I want the health services to be more knowledgeable in the way they meet us. It was tough having to go through this on my own, and I would have wished there had been a team of psychologists, physiotherapists, and doctors who would not focus on my symptoms but on my rehabilitation, but first and foremost that could have provided a fair explanation of what might have happened. This is an essential key for people to get the courage to rehabilitate.

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