Recovery Stories

Paul Garner

I loved my job, had good friends, and felt as high as a kite on life. Then I got covid-19, and nothing prepared me for what happened next. As the illness developed, I felt so unwell I thought I was dying. The roller-coaster that followed lasted


Rachel Whitfield

I had long Covid. I have fully recovered. It may seem like a miracle as I went from being barely able to walk to the end of my street to running my usual 5k running route and 10 mile cycling route in the space of a week.



I am writing this to those of you who are ill and have lost hope that you will get well again. I write because I want the health services to be more knowledgeable in the way they meet us. It was tough having to go through this on my own, and I would have wished there had been a team of psychologists, physiotherapists, and doctors who would not focus on my symptoms but on my rehabilitation, but first and foremost that could have provided a fair explanation of what might have happened. This is an essential key for people to get the courage to rehabilitate.


Amy Engkjer

Life was great! I was super active: working out three times a week, fishing and hiking with my husband and dogs, camping and traveling on the weekends. My stained-glass business was going strong and my newest passion for teaching meditation was flourishing: I had just taught a meditation class for Microsoft. Then, WHAM!‍ When I got COVID in the beginning of November 2020, it hit me hard. I experienced over 18 different symptoms, including: fever, cough, loss of taste and smell, intense fatigue and neurological symptoms such as extreme sensitivity to sound and physical sensations, the palms of my hands were numb, and showering was painful.


Shannon Sims

If given a magic wand, I would not wish that things would have been different. In fact, I hold an abundance of gratitude in my heart for my Long COVID journey, for it is because of that journey that I discovered the essence of who I am and the person I am meant to be in this world. It is because of my experience, that I now have the opportunity, nay, the obligation, to help and serve others on their journey through Long COVID. I know what it is like to suffer and I know what it is like to heal.

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